28 March 2019

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We know you are new in town. We think that the best experience when are traveling around the world is to live like the local people does.That's is why we give you our tips to enjoy like a really patojo. Maybe some of them are not in the tourist guides, but you know that's the point!!!

1. Visit the Municipal Theater Guillermo Valencia, not all the tours will take to there. You will find this building while you are walking on the streets of the colonial downtown, but we want to recommend you to go inside and see the beautiful lamp of Bohemian Glass which was made in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia in the Czech Republic and enjoy the silence of the theater. You will have to ask permission to the person in the ticket office to enter in the building but with a little of luck you will enjoy it for free. Don't forget to go to the manger office and ask if you can go to the roof of the theatre, you will enjoy a different perspective of the city. Not everybody do that, that's is why we recommend it.

2. Did you know that in Popayán exist the oldest salsa club in Colombia?. Probably NO!!. But it is true, we have the New York Disco with 63 years old, this is a club that came from a family tradition with and have a unique atmosphere. Here you will find a friendly owner Don Ovidio, that will tell you the history of the place and he will make feel like an old friend. Don't worry if you don't know how to dance salsa, remember you can take one of our FREE classes in our hostel every friday and after that we can go to the salsa club and enjoy the night with costumes and dancing like a pro.

3. The marketplaces are the best form to know the popular culture in a town. Here in Popayán we have a few blocks from our hostel the Bolivar Market and inside of it, a place named "Mesa Larga" really famous between the locals. This place has 40 years old serving to everyone the traditional gastronomy of the region. Forget about a fancy chef, here you will find persons really humble persons from the pacific coast, farmers and locals. We recommend you to try the "Sopa de tortilla".

4. Popayán is a city very famous for its gastronomy, we have different kind of meals that you can't find in any other place in the country and in the world. One of them is the "tortilla de maíz". You can buy this tortillas almost everywhere in the city, the easiest place is the Bolivar Market. But the really interesting part is to visit where this tortillas are made. To do that, you can take a urban bus to Cajete and tell to the bus driver that you want to get off in the "Vereda Cajete", there you can ask to anyone where is the factory of the "tortillas de maíz". The ride will take around 30 minutes depends of the place where you take the urban bus.

5. Take a yoga class with us in the Pyramid "El Morro". We made this class every wednesday at 9 AM. Why we recommend this? Because "El Morro" is a beautiful place where you will have a incredible view of the all city and the place itself has a amazing energy because is an artificial pyramid made by the indigenous people who lived here many years ago. That's right you will be taking a class of yoga on the top of a pyramid.

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